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Han Yang is a designer based in Singapore. He has backgrounds in video game concept art, advertising, architecture and fine art. He believes in the power of prototyping and telling an engaging story with every project.

Han Yang’s experiences have brought him to a wide range of locations. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts & Economics from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. In his time there he started Brown Advertising Club, working with influential student groups and international organizations. In his role as Creative Director he held several conferences and workshops that helped connect interested students to cutting-edge digital agencies. He also spent time in Rome, Italy for an extensive period creating fine art. Thereafter, Han Yang studied at the Safehouse Atelier in San Francisco, learning the finer points of video game concept art.

Sensing a ‘pants-on-fire’ entrepreneurial opportunity, he moved to Georgetown, Cayman Islands to start a biodiesel company, Island Biodiesel, which is now the nation’s sole provider of affordable and recycled biofuels. Han Yang is currently working at IDEO Singapore as a freelance prototyper & communications designer. He also working as a concept artist, UI and game designer for a mobile-app game and streamlining the product offerings for a specialist tuna & salmon company based in the Asia Pacific region, with subsidiaries in New Zealand and Massachusetts, USA.

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