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Co-Founded Brown Advertising Club

The Brown Advertising Club (bac) was founded by Han Yang Lee (Creative Director) and Etienne Ma (Accounts & Project Director) in August 2011, after working with TSLA in Singapore and Weiden + Kennedy in Shanghai respectively. There was an untapped pool of advertising talent waiting to be unleashed at Brown University and a dire need for major student groups and businesses to advertise in a fresh new way. bac was created to cultivate the best advertising talent and shake up the scene in Providence and abroad.

Within months we had grown from the original 8-person team to 21 strong, working with major student groups and international organisations on a wide range of projects. We helped rebrand the image of Brown Student Agencies and built the UI for their Brown University Students mobile app. bac promoted events by the Brown Concert Agency, using bear costumes (the mascot of Brown University) wielding guitars and pop-up events to surprise and interact with the student population. We were engaged by the United Nations Forum of Small States to come up with a commemorative 20th anniversary logo and revamp their image for the modern era. The CEO of NBA Math Hoops , engaged us to improve on their logo as well as packaging for their breakthrough NBA-math-based board game, to be played in schools all around the US while improving their basic math skills.

We conducted several conferences for students interested in careers in advertising, with several notable advertising firms invited to share their professional experiences.

Tony Weissman, the President of the Chicago-Boston-Detroit Region of Digitas, an award-winning digital ad agency, was the keynote speaker for Brown University’s first advertising conference. Recruitment and information sessions from Digitas has been an ongoing feature every since.

Hill Holiday also took note of our efforts to inculcate advertising talent at Brown and invited us to their headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts to show bac members and interested students their working philosophies.

Student workshops were conducted to learn creative and presentation skills, from basic and advanced tricks in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, to public speaking skills and different ways to engage an audience.


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