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The Overcrowded Future

For his final year report in Cornell University’s exchange program in Rome, Han Yang was tasked with imagining a dystopian future for his hometown, Singapore; where the infrastructure could not support the rapidly expanding population. As part of the report, Han Yang chose to visualize an alternate city skyline of Singapore, of an overcrowded future. Han Yang drew inspiration from his experience living in Rome, a historic city that had pioneering urban planning features such as the use of aqueducts, cobblestone roads & bridges, Temples and Basilicas during the Roman Empire. However, the city failed to adapt to modern city requirements such as automobiles and other forms of urban transportation, efficient waste management systems, quick access to emergency medical facilities, among a myriad of other urban planning issues.

Singapore’s increasing ¬†population density per square mile due to the influx of foreigners requires stringent foresight by city planners to accommodate for the lack of space and the increasing strain on existing infrastructure. The need to create a sense of spatial relief through park and recreational areas is as important as building higher and wider through high-rise domiciles and land reclamation.¬†The environments were created using matte painting (digital photography and digital painting) in Adobe Photoshop to reflect the perils of our expanding population.


Singapore 2100