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Han Yang is a designer based in Singapore. He has backgrounds in both startup and corporate innovation, video game concept art and architecture. He believes in the power of prototyping and telling an engaging story with every project.

Han Yang’s experiences have brought him to a wide range of locations, living in San Francisco and Rome, Italy for extensive periods of fine art training. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts & Economics from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. He moved to Georgetown, Cayman Islands to start a biodiesel company, Island Biodiesel, which is now the nation’s sole provider of affordable and recycled biofuels.

After moving back to Singapore, Han Yang worked at IDEO Singapore as a Prototyper & Communications Designer. He joined Singtel LifeLabs as a Manager of Innovation and Partnership, designing UX/UI for experimental digital services, scouting globally for new tech & startups and organizing/marketing internal hackathons for Singtel. Recently, Han Yang has joined Innov8, Singtel’s corporate venture capital arm as an investment associate. He brings his design expertise and knowledge of startup ecosystems around the world, hoping to add a design-centric focus for future investments.

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